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(Book) Korean Kung Fu: The Chinese Connection (Available Now!)
Discover the Secrets of Korean Kung Fu

Each DVD contains a complete form and the self-defense applications of each technique. By learning these Kung Fu forms practitioners of Korean Martial Arts, such as Tang Soo Do, Soo Bahk Do and Tae Kwon Do, will better understand their art and what the techniques from their forms represent. Knowledge is power and this knowledge will dramatically increase your confidence in your skills.

Sip Pal Gi DVD Series

Master Instructor James Theros has traveled the world learning this rare system of Kung Fu. After years of study with some of the world’s top Masters he has become a respected authority and ambassador of Sip Pal Gi Kung Fu in America. Now, for the first time ever you can learn the art that many never knew existed.
"For years I searched for the way to learn this beautiful Martial Art! I found you in one of last years Tae Kwon Do Times and knew it was a blessing to come my way. I just love the DVD'S, I study them every day and for a few hours when I retire for the evening. I've already started teaching the Art at the school to help me to retain it, as an add on to the Kang - Duk - Won / Kwon - Bop.
~JIM MUSE FURTADO, Whittier, California
"I wanted to comment quickly on your DVD So Chu Kwon. I thought it was put together and filmed very well. The multiple angles was very helpful in order for an individual to learn the form. I especially liked the self-defense techs associated with this form. I look forward to obtaining your book and learning more about the history of Ship Pal Gi Kung Fu.
~ Anthony A. Compagnone, Bronx, NY
"The DVDs arrived safely and on time. Have quickly watched a few of them... let me say, Great work! Your form is excellent. I am from the old school and position and form were always stressed and it is nice to find others, such as yourself, who share this quality of excellence. Further, having been in kung fu for a long time and meeting many people, I have an eye for authenticity and your forms are as authentic as they get....... Your dvds are a treasure and anyone looking for authentic kung fu dvds should contact you."
~Mike Shaw 6th Dan Tang Soo Do (London, Ontario, Canada)

“I just wanted to take a moment to mention how much I enjoyed reading your book, Korean Kung Fu: The Chinese Connection. Not only does it provide an excellent overview of the various systems of Chinese martial arts (Northern and Southern Shaolin, external and internal arts, and classical Chinese exercises), it was thoroughly enlightening to learn the detailed history of Sip Pal Gi and how this rare Northern Shaolin system of kung fu made its way from China, to Korea, and eventually to the United States.

The sections that describe and explain the Eight Section Brocade and Iron Body Conditioning should enable every martial artist to add these longevity and conditioning exercises to his daily regimen. The explanation of Sip Pal Gi forms and especially the sections that provide pictorial step-by-step instruction of the entire Tan Tui (Spring Leg) set and Xiao Zuo Quan (Small Reduction Fist) perfectly encapsulate the characteristics and techniques inherent in this system of Northern Shaolin kung fu.

I have studied Sip Pal Gi for about 30 years. After reviewing your Beginner’s Package of DVDs, I find them to be an excellent tutorial of these foundational forms. You explain the stances, the techniques, and the movement very clearly. The various angles and different speeds that you employ in presenting the forms make it very easy to follow and learn the forms.

And the applications demonstrated show the depth of practical possibilities hidden in each movement.”

~Sifu Keith Birch (Philadelphia, PA)


Korean Kung Fu Book Available now at Amazon!

Master Theros' newly-revised and updated book is now available. Head on over to www.Amazon.com and order your copy today!

Order the book from www.Amazon.com by searching for the term "Korean Kung Fu."

In this book, Master Theros has updated it to include a more in-depth chapter on the historical facts as he has continued his research since writing the first version of the book.

Additionally, see complete step-by-step pictorials on the forms So Chu Kwon, Ag Ga Kwon, Mei Hwa Kwon, Kum Gang Kwon, and So Ho Yun.

There is a complete pictorial of the Yang 24-Step Tai Chi form as well, and a complete pictorial on the 2-Man Sets (8-Step and 8-Step #2), as well as a slew of additional information that will enlighten any martial artist and shed some light on many of the Korean martial arts and how they interlink.

Nearly 350 pages of solid information that no serious martial artist should be without.


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